Digging Success: Danni's Journey from Call Centre to Excavator Operator in Cardiff

Danni is 22 years old and lives in Cardiff and naturally turned to a career in construction as both her parents have jobs with plant machinery. Danni had completed her Dumper training a couple of years previously but recognised that this limited her availability to work during the winter months, as this type of plant wasn’t operated very much when the weather was cold.

At the time Danni was working in a call centre and was able to access funding through the Welsh Government to enhance her skills by attending the CPCS 360 Excavator above 10 tonne course, which runs over two weeks.

Danni passed the course with flying colours and was then able to go on to find a job at McCarthy’s in Newport, where she is now driving diggers.

“I suffer from ADHD and dyslexia, so I struggle with some aspect of learning and written exams. What was so great about this course was there was a mix of practical and theory, but this test was verbal, which really helped my anxiety levels over passing any written tests. Kyle was also great at explaining things in different ways if I didn’t quite understand something at the start. The training was exceptional and everyone there was so friendly and supportive. I would advise anyone who wants a career in construction to attend a training course here.”

Danni Stokes

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