A better future for Usman Khan

Usman is 26 years old and has recently faced some challenging times, including a period in prison. Prior to this, he worked in construction and held a green CSCS labourer's card. As his release approached, Usman began to think seriously about his future and career. He was eager to re-enter the construction industry to improve his life.

Upon his release, Usman discovered a new opportunity through Careers Wales. They recommended the React + scheme, which assists ex-offenders and individuals at risk of redundancy. This program aims to provide new skills and enhance job prospects for its participants.


“My plan moving forward is to acquire the necessary qualifications and earn the certificates required for my CPCS plant operators' scheme, as it's a nationally recognized qualification. In my search for a training provider, I came across The Construction Hub Academy, which met all the criteria I needed for progress, and the location was also ideal for me. From the first day of my training, the academy has made me feel very comfortable, catering to my needs as someone who suffers from anxiety and social anxiety.

"I would like to thank everyone at The Construction Hub Academy for everything they have done for me and believing in me in such a short space of time. I look forward to coming back in the future to continue my progression.I would encourage anyone to take that leap to upskill, to better their future."

Usman Khan

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