Temporary Exacavation Support (Deep Ex)

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  • Excavation is a procedure that involves soil or/and rock removal in order to form a cavity and create construction space using different techniques
  • Excavations that exceed a depth of 4.5m (15ft) are considered Deep Excavations
  • Describe the relevant safety regulations and also the requirements to support excavations Identify the characteristics of principle soil types together with the associated hazards
  • Recognize the hazards, and also how to implement control measures for those hazards
  • Carry out risk assessments
  • Use basic tools and equipment for installing shoring
  • Install shoring systems using the correct method appropriate for different types of ground conditions
  • Withdraw support systems in the correct sequence
  • Understand the emergency procedures
  • Finally, carry out the above tasks safely.

Course Details

Provider: SQA

Level: Novice

Duration: 2 Days

The course consists of 2 days training to include theory and practical training.

  • Understand general and specific legislation and guidance pertaining to excavation, construction and groundworks
  • Recognise when and why excavation support should be employed and the specific safety and shoring systems to prevent near misses, accidents, injuries and/or fatalities on-site 
  •  Distinguish between good and bad practices via increased education in this specialist area
  • Identify ground/soil types and changeable conditions faced on-site, including dealing with water 
  • Carry out or interpret Risk Assessments, Permits & Temporary Works Designs.

  • Good understanding of spoken and written English
  • Over the age of 16.

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