Safe Dig

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  • Category 1: Locate Utility Services / CAT & Genny
  • Category 2: Safe Digging Practices

  • Abrasive Wheels - stihl saws & angle grinders

  • These practical courses can be delivered on their own or they can be combined.
  • The purpose of this standard is to provide the delegate with the knowledge to support the following: interpret utility drawings plan to excavate prepare resources carry out the excavation use safe digging techniques identify the dangers and hazards associated with excavations.

Course Details

Provider: TCHA

Level: Entry Level

Duration: 1 Day

The course consists of 1 day's training to include theory and practical training.

The delegate will be able to:

  • Plan to Excavate
  • Prepare resources to carry out excavation
  • Carry out the excavation
  • Understand and maintain the safety and integrity of excavations and services.


Additional guidance to support learning outcome:

The delegate must be able demonstrate ability to plan the work activity, including: 

  • determine the work location using company documentation and work instructions. 
  • comply with health, safety and environmental legislation and company policies and procedures.  
  • know how to interpret drawings to identify overhead and underground services and apparatus. 

The delegate must demonstrate the ability to: 

  • carry out a site-specific risk assessment.  
  • identify and consider the type and proximity of overhead and underground services, using appropriate methods e.g., trial holes. 
  • identify the required control measures to maintain a safe working environment.  
  • confirm the position and size of the required excavation. 
  • wear appropriate PPE. 
  • determine suitable method of excavation.  

The delegate must demonstrate the ability to: 

  • use appropriate tools and equipment for the method of excavation
  • excavate using hand tools and handheld power tools according to the safe systems of work and HSG47 guidance
  • identify, select, segregate, store and remove materials in accordance with the work instructions and environmental requirements 
  • comply with site safety
  • know how to carry out excavations in a manner that avoids damage to services and the natural environment


  • safe entry and exit to and from the excavation
  • carry out all safety checks before entering an excavation
  • hazards that could arise from working in excavations
  • monitor and maintain position and condition of services to avoid damage or disturbances  
  • understand the expectations in the event, or to prevent an emergency 
  • the persons or organisations to be notified in the case of damage to services or other underground structures. 

  • Good understanding of spoken and written English
  • Over the age of 16.

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