Wales will need an extra 11,000 construction workers by 2028 to meet demand.
December 2023

Act now: Vital Information on the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) transformation in December 2024

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) has declared the discontinuation of the Industry Accreditation route to a CSCS card, known as Grandfather Rights, starting from 31 December 2024.

This avenue allowed individuals to obtain CSCS cards based on an employer's recommendation rather than acquiring a recognised qualification. Although closed to new applicants in 2010, existing cardholders could renew under the same basis until now.

All Industry Accreditation/Grandfather Rights cards will expire on 31 December 2024. Moving forward, only those who have completed a competence-based assessment (NVQ) will be eligible for card renewal.

Graham Wren, CEO at CSCS, emphasised that cards issued under industry accreditation do not align with the industry's objective of having a fully qualified workforce, prompting this withdrawal.

If you currently hold a CSCS card through Grandfather Rights and wish to renew it after December 2024, you will need to complete an NVQ at the appropriate level.


I have a CSCS card through Grandfather Rights, how can I renew my CSCS card after December 2024?

To renew your IA/Grandfather Rights CSCS card after 31 December 2024, all applicants will need to have completed an NVQ at the appropriate level. For example – Supervisors with a Gold CSCS card will need to complete a Level 3 or 4 NVQ. Managers with a Black CSCS card will need to complete a Level 5, 6 or 7 NVQ.


What is an NVQ?

NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications) are competence-based assessments of existing skills, knowledge, and experience. They involve showcasing your work methods and supporting evidence (documents, photos, videos) without the need for exams.

The evaluation can take the form of discussion-based assessments conducted through Zoom meetings or face-to-face assessments.     


Do I need to sit any exams?


NVQs focus on practical application rather than testing exam-taking skills. The emphasis is on demonstrating the ability to perform work safely, competently, and effectively.

Designed for individuals who have honed their skills through real-world experience, NVQs don't include traditional tests or tricky questions.

There's no requirement for exams, workshops, site visits, or taking time off work.

The assessment process revolves around showcasing practical skills and experience gained in a genuine work environment.


Is there a substantial amount of written work required?

You can opt for a discussion-based assessment, where you articulate your way through the qualification criteria during a series of online Zoom and face-to-face meetings.

This type of assessment is generally recommended for experienced candidates who are firmly established in their roles and can confidently express their work in a spontaneous manner.

Conversely, candidates with less experience may find the written-work assessment more fitting. This method enables them to advance at their own pace, refining their skills with guidance from the assessor.

Before enrolment, during the initial profiling process, our assessors engage directly with each candidate. This interaction helps determine whether the candidate is better suited for the discussion-based assessment or the written assessment, ensuring a tailored approach to their unique experience and capabilities.


How long will the NVQ take to achieve?

The attainment of an NVQ is contingent upon your motivation to complete it.

Our assistance extends over a 12-month period for all qualifications. Notably, experienced candidates, like existing Grandfather Right CSCS card holders, who require minimal guidance or learning, can expedite the qualification process.

Through our professional-discussion style assessment, these candidates can achieve their qualifications in as little as four weeks.


Which NVQs do you offer that provide access to Gold CSCS cards?

The Construction Hub Academy are accredited to carry out NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications) from Level 1 to Level 6.

We specialise in Plant Operations NVQs but there is a substantial range of qualifications for all other trades. Due to the extensive list of NVQs available it would be beneficial to contact us to discuss your specific requirement.


How can The Construction Hub Academy support you?

We can support the following CSCS cards:

  • Red – apprentice, experienced technical supervisor or manager, experienced worker (temporary card), industry placement, provisional (temporary), trainee
  • Blue – skilled worker
  • Green - labourer
  • Gold – skilled worker or supervisory.

To check out which card you require, please visit the CSCS website


Is financial support accessible?

Funding is available for NVQs, with no wage cap necessary for eligibility.

Additionally, financial support is provided for transitioning from red to blue cards, and a 50% funding option is applicable for progressing from blue to gold cards.

For employers contributing to the CITB levy, we offer a streamlined process by handling the payment on your behalf with your levy number. This not only saves you time but also ensures further convenience in managing your contributions as a CITB centre.


Further help and support

Please contact us on 01446 744775 or email us on

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Wales will need an extra 11,000 construction workers by 2028 to meet demand.

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